Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's is 'ginst my 'ligion

I don't even wanna go outside today. People are just gonna be letting their ignorance come out and I ain't fuh alladat! I don't like tricks and pranks. They make me nurvous and gets my pressha up. Y'all know I am a part-time diabetical and gotsta take my medication.

Anyway I just wanted to let everyone out there know that I am on to your tricks today and I ain't gone believe nothing you say. So don't have a heart attack or go into labor because today i'mon give you a strong *side eye* and leave you on the floor in pain. Catch me on the 2nd and I will call the amalams for you.

You know what is really a fool is how some of this food is tasting. I was hoping somebody jumped outta my bowl and said "April Fool" after I tasted this nasty peach oatmeal. I love oatmeal lawd knows I do.....but this was just not making it. Luckily I looked online and found some ways to spice it up. I was able to finally get through the whole bowl without gagging. I just have to treat this food like I do my own. Add a little love and spice.

Yep this was may now carry on with your day.

Me love you long time ;-) ~LuvMeNaturally

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