Sunday, April 11, 2010

When does your life NOT revolve around losing weight

So sitting with my friend Alicia, who I got to meet yesterday, we were having discussions about weight loss (which is our usual) and then the subject came up: "Why does our whole life have to revolve around losing weight?"

It is so funny that I was just thinking of this because I read in the book "The Gabriel Method" that thin people don't think about what they eat. They just get what they want, eat it, and move on. Fat people on the other hand have to think about what they are eating, how many calories, how many carbs, what they have to do to burn it off, etc.

Here would be an example:

Thin person

1. Goes into a restaurant.
2. Orders an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink.
3. Gets up, pays, leaves and is merry!

Fat person

1. Before they even get to the restaurant they are trying to decide if they should just get the salad and a water (with lemon of course).

2. Gto the restaurant they already feel guilty that they are eating out so they debate parking further away so they can walk and burn some extra calories.

3. Go in the restaurant, want to order half over everything on the menu, start feeling guilty and order a salad with low fat dressing (only to begin the meal).

4. Order most fattening thing on the menu with a diet coke

5. Order water with lemon because "it's cuts the fat and I'm getting my water in"

6. Leave 2 bites get a box and feel good about not eating it all (although it was really about 4 servings)

7. Go to the mall and say that the walking around is buring some of the calories from dinner.

8. Go to get some ice cream and get the low fat frozen yogurt but orders 2 servings.

9. Gets home and takes 45 minutes to find the exercise DVDs that are dusty because they haven't been used.

10. Sits down and says "forget it I will start over tomorrow."

Is your life like this? Okay maybe it's not exactly like this but you know exactly what I mean. Why does EVERYTHING we do have to revolve around losing weight. I sat with my girl last night and as I drank my glass of water I said "See I am getting in my water today!" This is how we think about everything that goes on around us. When does this stage end? Does it ever?

I just want to get to the point in my life where I am like the thin person who sits down and orders whatever they want without a second thought. It makes no sense that even when I go to the bathroom I have to think about whether or not I am "regular" and how that is going to affect what the numbers on the scale say tomorrow.

We need a reality show called "When losing weight becomes an obsession."

Love ya,



  1. I sometimes think like that, as well as "what time is it?" I don't wanna eat too much after 7pm so everything can digest lol.

  2. oh yeah I should have added that in too. Or man it isn't lunch yet? I don't want to eat to early then be hungry before I leave work.