Sunday, April 25, 2010

Okay, For Real, I'm Losing it - Another Start Over message

Yep I said I am losing it for real this time. I know it has been a while since my last update but I had vacations and stuff to plan. Now I am back and ready to roll.

The medifast plan wasn't a complete bust, but I realized it just isn't for me. I still use the shakes and bars that I have in my meals but I am not following the medifast plan totally.

What I am doing now is simple. Cutting back on the bad sugars, starches, etc. It has always been what has worked for me if I stick to it. My friend Alicia told me a while ago that she started with South Beach and I like that plan. It is a "low carb" plan but a balance meal plan that shows you how to eat healthy carbs that allow you to lose weight.

So far I have been successful. Since getting back from my Journey to the East Coast I am down over 5 pounds. I think that this is the lifestyle change that I need. Eating this way is manageable for life not just for losing weight.

I will keep everyone up to date on my progress. So far at work I am not winning the fitness challenge but all of that is about to change. They better look out because I am determined not only to lose weight but to win that pot!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Journey to da East Coast!

Okay so I had an absolutely amazing time. I finally got to meet my Sister  from south Jersey in person. She is so beautiful, I HEART her much. She is just like a big sister to me, so it was so fun spending her birthday with her.

Day 1 - I got there on Thursday 4/15 and we did some talking, shopping etc. That night she made me my first second and third apple martini. I loved it! We were able to bond. We cried together, laughed together, played with the dog EVERYTHING. It was so nice to finally be able to chill with my "sister". We have been Internet siblings for over 2 years.

Day 2 - Got up early and did a little traveling. We went to Delaware to get some Jerk Chicken (which ended up being spicy baked chicken but it was okay). When we got back from DE her blood sister and cousin were there. She was a little upset that they hadn't come earlier but when they got there her face lit up. She was so excited to see them.

We all went for mani's and pedi's. I didn't end up getting one because 1. Who only has 2 people working in a nail shop on Friday when EVERYBODY and their mama is getting their hands and feet done. 2. The other girls had too many complaints of them messing up or something and I wasn't about to have that. So I just waited around and took some pics.

We left there and went to go pick up more apple martini mix. We went home and had pizza and drinks. We played games and took pics. My sister even had me showing her how to "Chicago Step". She didn't want to do the basics she wanted to get down to the nitty gritty steps sis, baby steps.

Day 3 - We all get up early to go to the Philly Outlets and what do you know.....There is no water. My sister was extremely upset. She called the office who stated that they notified everyone (I guess all but us because we are all sitting there needing showers and ready to go). We ended up kicking it for a minute, taking naps and when we got up we had water. Everyone showered and off we drive to Philly.

Unfortunately the drive was not that easy. We ended up getting lost in Philly. My sister has no sense of direction and to top that off she gets impatient and frustrated once she is lost. I tried to lead her back to the highway but the more I talked the more she was I shut up and let her call her husband in Amsterdam for directions.

Finally we make it back to the highway and when it looks like things are good we run into Traffic. This traffic wasn't even slow either. We were at a complete stand still. I just knew the day was over when I saw that vein rising in my sister's neck LOL.

After about an hour of traffic (and almost getting lost again) we finally made it to the outlets. Had some fun shopping even though my sister didn't find a black bag like she wanted.

Later that night we went to The Cheesecake Factory and had dinner. I love that restaurant so I truly enjoyed that. Got back to the house and we were all too tired to do anything else so we went to bed.

Day 4 - Last day in South Jersey. I got up and made pancakes for everyone. We all enjoyed breakfast and watching the RuPaul Drag Race marathon (no comment). Sister and Cuz left back to CT (and my sis cried) and I began packing. It was hard because I was trying to fit all of my clothes PLUS some of the 2 boxes that my sister had for me into my suitcase. It didn't work, LOL

Finally we decide to leave early to head for the airport because my sis doesn't want to get lost again. We got there in record time so I was super early. It was a decent departure but my sister did say that she cried after I left. I miss her and can't wait to do it again.
See you on FB, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and everywhere else sis LOL

Until next time,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

When does your life NOT revolve around losing weight

So sitting with my friend Alicia, who I got to meet yesterday, we were having discussions about weight loss (which is our usual) and then the subject came up: "Why does our whole life have to revolve around losing weight?"

It is so funny that I was just thinking of this because I read in the book "The Gabriel Method" that thin people don't think about what they eat. They just get what they want, eat it, and move on. Fat people on the other hand have to think about what they are eating, how many calories, how many carbs, what they have to do to burn it off, etc.

Here would be an example:

Thin person

1. Goes into a restaurant.
2. Orders an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink.
3. Gets up, pays, leaves and is merry!

Fat person

1. Before they even get to the restaurant they are trying to decide if they should just get the salad and a water (with lemon of course).

2. Gto the restaurant they already feel guilty that they are eating out so they debate parking further away so they can walk and burn some extra calories.

3. Go in the restaurant, want to order half over everything on the menu, start feeling guilty and order a salad with low fat dressing (only to begin the meal).

4. Order most fattening thing on the menu with a diet coke

5. Order water with lemon because "it's cuts the fat and I'm getting my water in"

6. Leave 2 bites get a box and feel good about not eating it all (although it was really about 4 servings)

7. Go to the mall and say that the walking around is buring some of the calories from dinner.

8. Go to get some ice cream and get the low fat frozen yogurt but orders 2 servings.

9. Gets home and takes 45 minutes to find the exercise DVDs that are dusty because they haven't been used.

10. Sits down and says "forget it I will start over tomorrow."

Is your life like this? Okay maybe it's not exactly like this but you know exactly what I mean. Why does EVERYTHING we do have to revolve around losing weight. I sat with my girl last night and as I drank my glass of water I said "See I am getting in my water today!" This is how we think about everything that goes on around us. When does this stage end? Does it ever?

I just want to get to the point in my life where I am like the thin person who sits down and orders whatever they want without a second thought. It makes no sense that even when I go to the bathroom I have to think about whether or not I am "regular" and how that is going to affect what the numbers on the scale say tomorrow.

We need a reality show called "When losing weight becomes an obsession."

Love ya,


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meeting my internet friends

You know God is so good. In the next week I would have met 2 of my closest Online friends for the first time. These 2 women have been some of my biggest inspirations to lose weight. Next week I will get to meet my "sister", which I promise to blog about then. Today I got to meet a woman who was my first inspiration to lose my 100 pounds. She her incredible transformation HERE.

So after knowing this lady since 2007 she sends me a message and says "Hey I just noticed you live in Chicago and we are coming to see Tyler Perry." I said ok but thought nothing of it at first. Then last week she says "Where are the good soul food places in Chicago?" Didn't think anything of it. Threw off some names and left it at that.

So today I am at work and I get a text. "Hey I am in Aurora. Where are some good soul food places?" I was so shocked that she was really here. My inspriation, I could even say my shero at some point. I told her where to go, she loved the food, and we set a time to meet.

I found out later that her hotel was minutes from my job (I was at work at the time) and they (her and bf)were going down the street to eat at the mall. Tell me this wasn't God bringing us together (I know you can't so stop trying).

I met them at Rock Bottom Restaurant in York Town Center and we had the greatest time. It was so good to see her in person. I thought she was so beautiful and think that she looks great at her size (we always see stuff differently from the outside though, I know the feeling).

We talked for what seemed like hours and I swear I could have kept it going. It seemed like we have known each other for years, actually we have LOL. I can't wait to continue our journey together. It is just so funny that the 2 people that have inspired me the most (2 ladies that I met on a social site on the internet over 2 years ago) I get to meet them both in the same week. I am so excited! We are going to plan a "Big Reveal Cruise" for next year where we show off our new bodies after we reach our goals. I cannot wait.
First time meeting, last time we will be this size!

Love ya,


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Food Addiction - Is there a rehab for that?

So everyone else gets to be addicted to stuff that is illegal. You got crack heads, meth heads, weed heads, etc. What do I get to be addicted to???? Food that's what, and it's everywhere you turn.

How crazy is it that the McDouble at McDonald's is $1, along with a small fry and sweet tea? For $3 and some tax I can have a full and unhealthy meal, but crack heads gotta scrounge up $10 to get some crack and they get rehab.

Hello my name is Cris and I am addicted to food, junk (especially dark chocolate), and everything else that is making me gain weight......What??? No group of people to say "Hiiii Cris" and then me vent about how hard it was to get through my day yesterday without a slice of pizza?

Okay maybe there are rehabs out there for people like me. I mean it is one thing to be addicted to illegal drugs, or expensive habits like drinking and smoking cigarettes. But what about people who are addicted to something that is NECESSARY for life.....people who are addicted to food. So what do we do? Its not like I will get arrested or lose my job for having a slice of cheesecake. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I would rather have some sort of other addiction. Why does it have to be to food? WHY WHY WHY?????

I am working through my addiction and learning to manage it. Today has been a great day so far. As much as I wanted to devour these chocolate almonds I am pushing them to the side and having a healthy snack. I have to do something to get my life back in order. Healthy is the way that things need to be.

****Side note**** If you have any of the addictions I mentioned or any other addiction I am not trying to talk down on you in any way. I say get help when you can because I know what it feels like to have an adiction that can have a very negative affect on your life. Just like crack can kill, so can junk food. Just like cigarettes can give you lung cancer eating the wrong foods can give you colon, skin, and a number of other cancers. GET HELP!!!!****


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear corporate heathens who have me working Easter Sunday....

Y N D H3LL do I have to work on Easter Sunday? What type of hell bound, lucifer worshiping heathens make you work on Resurrection day? I CANNOT DO THIS....Okay maybe I can because I have no choice...but this is my blog so I do have a few choice words for our Execs (who will likely never read this).

1. I bet you gotcho (yes gotcho) kids some new easter clothes and took them to take pics with the Easter bunny and err'thang. Why you gotta make me sit here all day doin nothin? Me and my kids actually was goin go to church, when the last time you been?

2. How you goin be a company that celebrates Christmas but not Easter? Don't y'all know that without the death we have no life? Or are y'all just some heathens who use Christmas to spend yo big corporate bonuses and buy yo kids a buncha stuff they'on need?

3. How am I goin get to Big Momma's house for dinner if I gotta work a 10 hour shift? Now y'all know Big Momma don't save no plates for nobody who can't even bother to show up.

4. Who goin sit at home helping the kids color eggs with the kitchen all stankin with vinegar and boiled eggs? I can't do that if I'm at work can I?

5. Who goin be at church to hear the kid's Easter Speeches? Now even you heathens know that err'body and they mama come to church on Easter Sunday. Even the kids that ain't been there since last Easter have to say their Easter speeches for they momma, god momma, daddy, play uncle and auntie who don't neva go to church. The only time they hear God's name is in the Easter speeches so who you goin keep them from getting sanctified by making folks work?

I just thought that I should share this letter with you to express my concerns and to hopefully change your heart so that you can give us Easter Sunday off from now on. You have ruined my family corporate heathens and I just don't know what do to.


Me and 'nem

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's is 'ginst my 'ligion

I don't even wanna go outside today. People are just gonna be letting their ignorance come out and I ain't fuh alladat! I don't like tricks and pranks. They make me nurvous and gets my pressha up. Y'all know I am a part-time diabetical and gotsta take my medication.

Anyway I just wanted to let everyone out there know that I am on to your tricks today and I ain't gone believe nothing you say. So don't have a heart attack or go into labor because today i'mon give you a strong *side eye* and leave you on the floor in pain. Catch me on the 2nd and I will call the amalams for you.

You know what is really a fool is how some of this food is tasting. I was hoping somebody jumped outta my bowl and said "April Fool" after I tasted this nasty peach oatmeal. I love oatmeal lawd knows I do.....but this was just not making it. Luckily I looked online and found some ways to spice it up. I was able to finally get through the whole bowl without gagging. I just have to treat this food like I do my own. Add a little love and spice.

Yep this was may now carry on with your day.

Me love you long time ;-) ~LuvMeNaturally