Thursday, April 8, 2010

Food Addiction - Is there a rehab for that?

So everyone else gets to be addicted to stuff that is illegal. You got crack heads, meth heads, weed heads, etc. What do I get to be addicted to???? Food that's what, and it's everywhere you turn.

How crazy is it that the McDouble at McDonald's is $1, along with a small fry and sweet tea? For $3 and some tax I can have a full and unhealthy meal, but crack heads gotta scrounge up $10 to get some crack and they get rehab.

Hello my name is Cris and I am addicted to food, junk (especially dark chocolate), and everything else that is making me gain weight......What??? No group of people to say "Hiiii Cris" and then me vent about how hard it was to get through my day yesterday without a slice of pizza?

Okay maybe there are rehabs out there for people like me. I mean it is one thing to be addicted to illegal drugs, or expensive habits like drinking and smoking cigarettes. But what about people who are addicted to something that is NECESSARY for life.....people who are addicted to food. So what do we do? Its not like I will get arrested or lose my job for having a slice of cheesecake. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I would rather have some sort of other addiction. Why does it have to be to food? WHY WHY WHY?????

I am working through my addiction and learning to manage it. Today has been a great day so far. As much as I wanted to devour these chocolate almonds I am pushing them to the side and having a healthy snack. I have to do something to get my life back in order. Healthy is the way that things need to be.

****Side note**** If you have any of the addictions I mentioned or any other addiction I am not trying to talk down on you in any way. I say get help when you can because I know what it feels like to have an adiction that can have a very negative affect on your life. Just like crack can kill, so can junk food. Just like cigarettes can give you lung cancer eating the wrong foods can give you colon, skin, and a number of other cancers. GET HELP!!!!****


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