Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where y'all been? (AGAIN)????

Hey what's up peeps? Where y'all been? I mean I was looking around and er'thang but noticed y'all was gone....oh wait what? That was me? Oh my bad :O

Well I am back once again. So much to say and so little time. I started this great post about a month ago about Side-Ho's getting back with they dips after Valentine's day but um...its kinda late for it ain't gon' be that back to the regularly scheduled program (which I know don't be regala at all, but I am working on that).

Many of you have been asking for New Blog posts but then I come here on the page and Y'ALL AINT EVEN FOLLOWIN ME!!!!! So how you gon' know if I post anyway? You don't comment on the blog either. You send me texts and tweets like you tryna be all anonymous. Quit trippin and leave a comment and follow me today. I swea-fo-baby-jesus that imma make you laff at least one half of a half of a time.