Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear Fed Ex, I hope that driver doesn't kill the next person

Yes I meant for that to be the title and meant for it to be that long. This isn't my usual humorous blog. I am truly ranting on this one. Fed Ex gon' learn today!!!

So a couple months ago (well November 10, 2012 at 10:55pm to be exact) a was driving home from work in the I-294 construction. I am in the left lane to avoid the trucks (yeah look at that fate) and this truck ends up on the side of me.

I hate being pinned in by trucks. but he was going too fast for me to go ahead of him. I start to slow down to get behind him and he starts drifting. I flashed my high beams and honk the horn and he jerks to the left....BAM..............he doesn't hit me, but I hit the construction cone that is closing off the left lane.

I slow down to start to pull over because I think he is going to....but the idiot doesn't stop. I can't stop and not get his info so I start memorizing every number on his truck:

IN P102459
Trailer 805437

The first number is the license plate. The second number was the back trailer number. I honk again and again and he still doesn't pull over. I recite these numbers to myself for the next 25 minutes until I can get home to call Fed Ex.

I call them and give them the information. I tell them I am okay but my driver side mirror is broken. My biggest concern is that this driver may be falling asleep and could run the next person off the road. The agent pretty much waived me off and I am told that my complaint has been filed and someone should be contacting me in the morning.

My phone rings the next day and they ask me all the information that the agent the night before asked me. She then says "oh that is not one of my trailers. I will have to send your case to corporate." Guess who hasn't heard anything since then? I called once and said I had not heard anything only to not hear any more things....

So I am still sitting with my complaint ID #1112752179 and no one has called. Fed Ex don't give no dambs if that driver almost killed me or how many other people on the road that night. I even cussed out the Fed Ex driver to vent my frustrations when I saw him delivering packages at my job...I know it likely wasn't him but dangit I had to yell at someone.

If any of y'all hear from FedEx let them know I'm still alive and yes still driving with my broken mirror.

Frustrated as heck


Monday, January 14, 2013

Do Roses really smell like boo boo???

So I am cracking up because I am walking into the bathroom at work and the lady walking out gives me the disclaimer "Look, I did not blow up this bathroom. It was like that when I came in here! That is ridiculous" I SCREAMED in laughter because she sounded like she was about to break out into "Ain't Nobody got time for that!"

But I feel her pain. I can't stand when I am exiting the bathroom and someone walks in frowned up at the smell of the person that took a dump and left out 60 seconds before I just walked in. then they are looking at me like I did it......What do you say? Do you say anything at all?

Sometimes I am tempted to spray some air freshener but that just makes it smell like Flowery boo boo to me. I know I am not the only one that thinks that. I have been tainted by so many air freshener scents now because I think of boo boo EVERY time I smell them. There is nothing like smelling Hawaiian Escape mixed with human waste and then thinking of that every time you now smell Hawaiian Escape. This has almost messed up my dreams of going to Hawaii some day. Is that what my Escape gon' smell like? If so maybe I'll pass.....naw I am lyin...I'm takin my butt to Hawaii as soon as I can afford it LOL.

So should we impose a rule or something? You know how they post those signs in the stalls saying "Don't flush feminine products or paper towels." Should we put up some signs that say "Please do a courtesy flush or two if you sit and boo boo?" Or maybe "If you drop a log after you pee spray a fresh scent of air freshener for me!"

Do y'all think that will work? I should go print some out now and post them in the stalls. I will let you know how that works out.

Will report back soon!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why do I blog?

So I was watching an interview of one of my favorite bloggers and she was asked this same question.....then I realized there is a reason for the madness that is requested of me, and I am failing at my blog life because I don't post enough although you guys ask me all the time. I am guessing that you all would agree that once a year is not enough right?

I know that I come on here SOOO often like "Yeah I am back and I am gonna blog more often" and then another year goes by and then WOMP....Yeah I know I be lyin' sometimes am not perfect. I swear I think about my hundreds dozens one reader all the time, and I want to blog more I just get so lazy busy.

Seeing Luvvie's interview really made me think about it though. When I blog, no matter how many people I reach, at least I touched someone's life. Even if it is just my own because I am getting a chance to write down my feelings for the day. I always hope someone sees something funny, interesting, or even something that may have enhanced their life by reading my randomness.

One of the other things that I noticed is that I must have taken up the wrong college major because people seem to think I am a counselor. I give at least 2 half hour sessions per day...and I believe they are only limited to this time frame because my unofficially diagnosed ADD will start seeing butterflies.....

But if a shrink can charge $150 an hour....why can't I come up????

I am not a talker...but I am a great listener. So I don't get a chance to unload on people (well on FB I do but that is different) like they do with me. So blogging is a way to help me to unload and #SayItWithMyChest!!!!

Anyway I am motivated to blog again. Although this may be another post until next year as usual...I am at least motivated.

With that being said let me give you these ten things:

1. There is nothing specific about my blog. I am not blogging about natural hair, relationship advice, bad grammar or cooking tips SPECIFICALLY. This is why my title says these are my RANDOM rants. My life is totally random and so are all of the situations around us. I just blog about what is on my mind, and boy can my mind go places.............

2. No I am not a copy cat. I get a lot of people that say "you blog like XYZ." Sometimes it is flattering but other times I feel people think I am a copy cat. I really blog to you guys the way that I talk to you every day. So when I say I'm "finna" do is because I want to type to you how I would jokingly talk to you (not in a professional setting though....that is just bananas and I hate horrible grammar and "slang typing" in professional settings). My boss should never get an email from me saying "Yeah girl I was shole gon' do that tamah." O_____o NAW

and 10. I may not blog every day. Sometimes I just may want to lay in bed, eat popcorn, and watch reruns of Scandal....don't judge me! I will blog when I have a few minutes to sit down and jot down my randomness for you all.

Thank you for being willing to take out a few minutes to read it.

Until then...PEACE!