Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear Fed Ex, I hope that driver doesn't kill the next person

Yes I meant for that to be the title and meant for it to be that long. This isn't my usual humorous blog. I am truly ranting on this one. Fed Ex gon' learn today!!!

So a couple months ago (well November 10, 2012 at 10:55pm to be exact) a was driving home from work in the I-294 construction. I am in the left lane to avoid the trucks (yeah look at that fate) and this truck ends up on the side of me.

I hate being pinned in by trucks. but he was going too fast for me to go ahead of him. I start to slow down to get behind him and he starts drifting. I flashed my high beams and honk the horn and he jerks to the left....BAM..............he doesn't hit me, but I hit the construction cone that is closing off the left lane.

I slow down to start to pull over because I think he is going to....but the idiot doesn't stop. I can't stop and not get his info so I start memorizing every number on his truck:

IN P102459
Trailer 805437

The first number is the license plate. The second number was the back trailer number. I honk again and again and he still doesn't pull over. I recite these numbers to myself for the next 25 minutes until I can get home to call Fed Ex.

I call them and give them the information. I tell them I am okay but my driver side mirror is broken. My biggest concern is that this driver may be falling asleep and could run the next person off the road. The agent pretty much waived me off and I am told that my complaint has been filed and someone should be contacting me in the morning.

My phone rings the next day and they ask me all the information that the agent the night before asked me. She then says "oh that is not one of my trailers. I will have to send your case to corporate." Guess who hasn't heard anything since then? I called once and said I had not heard anything only to not hear any more things....

So I am still sitting with my complaint ID #1112752179 and no one has called. Fed Ex don't give no dambs if that driver almost killed me or how many other people on the road that night. I even cussed out the Fed Ex driver to vent my frustrations when I saw him delivering packages at my job...I know it likely wasn't him but dangit I had to yell at someone.

If any of y'all hear from FedEx let them know I'm still alive and yes still driving with my broken mirror.

Frustrated as heck


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