Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dherbs Full body cleanse days 1-5

Now I told you that my blog was random....I will be posting about my progress on my 20 day detox using Dherbs.

Today I am wrapping up day 5 of my 20 day full body cleanse. I thought it would be much harder but I realize that these are all things I should have been doing anyway (preparing my meals, eating more veggies, etc). You learn so much about your body and how much that what seems normal isn't so normal at all....(I won't go into TMI but just know that you don't know regularity until you are eating all raw fruits and veggies and drinking 90oz of water a day...)

I can say I feel better. I am not doing this to lose weight but I know I'm down a few pounds. I'm doing it because I know I need to get rid of some junk from within. I'll check the scale tomorrow on the weight but my progress is going to be determined by other factors. I'm hoping it doesn't make me lose too much weight....don't need it getting in the way of this sexy......

I did have really bad bloating before and that is much better. I also have a rash developing on my hand which is annoying but I've read that can happen because your body is pushing out toxins SIGH!!!

Anyway I will keep you all updated on my progress. Let me know if any of you have tried this or similar detox programs. 


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why were y'all so rude on Mother's Day?

I came across a post on Mother's Day that was so funny mean!!! Someone posted a picture of their mom on Facebook and let's just wasn't the "greatest" picture. I hope I'm sure there was one better SOMEWHERE!

It wasn't even this good:


Well I guess someone on this person's friends list thought it was a joke like the meme above and commented "LMAO that's funny"....

It all went downhill from there....

Another friend commented "what's so funny?"
The next comment said "wrong post?????????"

Finally someone jumped on their soapbox and went off on the girl! The comment was long but to sum it up the pic was of the poster's deceased mom!!!

I felt really bad because I laughed at the first comment thinking it was a joke too! Luckily I didn't reply to it before seeing how it all went down. 

But is it their fault? They didn't know the momma and had never seen her before! Couldn't they blame the poster for putting up such a bad pic of their momma on Mother's Day??? I think mom would not be pleased and is probably haunting their kid right now! Her ghost is all up in their dream taumbout "You know I ain't have on my makeup and my good hair that day!"

The moral of the story is....Put some RESPEK on yo momma name when posting pics of her on Mother's Day!

......oh and don't laugh at folks' momma's ya jerk!

SN - I would repost the pic but I need to RESPEK  protect the identities of the innocent.



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Plagiarizing Myself....Back One Mo'Gin!

Yep just reposting this again because it is still true ;) See y'all soon.

Hey what's up peeps? Where y'all been? I mean I was looking around and er'thang but noticed y'all was gone....oh wait what? That was me? Oh my bad :O

Well I am back once again. So much to say and so little time. I started this great post about a month ago about Side-Ho's getting back with they dips after Valentine's day but um...its kinda late for it ain't gon' be that back to the regularly scheduled program (which I know don't be regala at all, but I am working on that).

Many of you have been asking for New Blog posts but then I come here on the page and Y'ALL AINT EVEN FOLLOWIN ME!!!!! So how you gon' know if I post anyway? You don't comment on the blog either. You send me texts and tweets like you tryna be all anonymous. Quit trippin and leave a comment and follow me today. I swea-fo-baby-jesus that imma make you laff at least one half of a half of a time.