Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ti'ed Just Ti'ed

I am so tired....tired of trying to get it right and it goes all wrong. I have tried, and tried, and tried again, but I am still not able to even get a good start on it. Yes you guessed it; I am talking about my weight loss journey.

It seems like I have control over EVERYTHING else in my life. When I set my mind to it I have gotten whatever I wanted. I got the husband I wanted, the job I wanted, the kids actin right, the house, the car....I mean when I want something I GET IT!!! But when it comes to this weight loss thing....It is just not clicking for me.

Everyone tries to say the same thing. Sometimes I wanna say "you can save all your tips about eating right, exercising, blah blah blah. No offense to you but I know all of that already." The truth is I really do. The perfect plan is etched in my mind like a broken etch-a-sketch that no matter how many times you shake it, the darn thing won't erase. The problem is, I can't stick to that plan.

I already hear alla y'all talnbout "Yes you can. If you know what to do just do it." On the other hand, I know many of you have weaknesses, and you know the consequences of falling to those weaknesses, yet you still fall each time. Food is the one thing that I continue to fall to.

Lawd knows I be tryin and tryin......Now I just gotta pray (although I have been doing that too). There is nothing left to do but keep trying. We fall down, but we get up and alla dat other stuff. I just wanna stay up for a little while longer this time.

Yours Ti'ed as all Hell,