Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

I have been awarded with the stylish blogger award.  I had no idea what this was, and I feel so bad since I haven't been blogging and everyone has been asking me where I have been (even though I don't see summa y'all following O__o ) I'm still winning....DUH.

So I have to thank my girl Queen Rella for giving me the award. She is such a faithful sister and I <3 her :)
OK, the rules are to thank and link back to the one who has given this award. Check.√
Second list 7 things about yourself. This should be interesting.  So here it goes:
1.)  I am a member of nearly 25 social networking sites, which is why I have been so lazy about blogging. It may be more, those are just the ones I can count off the top of my head. 
2.)  I just had gastric bypass surgery. I contemplated over it for 2 years and finally did it. I am tired of struggling with my weight and I have been so successful so far. It has been 2 and a half weeks, and I am down 40 pounds from my highest weight. 
3.) I am addicted to shoes, but since gaining all of this weight I can't walk in 70% of the shoes I have.......and I have a LOT of shoes. So I gotta get that together. Oh and you can never have too many shoes. If you think so, you're wrong.
4.) I love to crochet, but I have decided to keep my business at accessories for now. Other items take too long and I sell more earrings that anything. I am still getting my website together but you can visit it HERE if you want to see some of the things I have been working on.
5.) I love music. I can sing, dance and act. One of my dreams is to be on Broadway, I just never thought I could sing THAT well. I mean you know the difference.....you got people who can "sing" then you got people who can "SANG". I am still singing. 
6.) I am allergic to cats, but I can tolerate people who keep their cats and houses with cats clean. Like I have one friend I can barely tell her cat is there. There is this other girl I can barely pull up on her block before my eyes start itching. I hate nasty cat people. 
7.) My husband is truly my soul mate. He is the love of my life. We have been through so many ups and downs (and I mean many) but we truly love each other. It is so hard these days to find that special one but I know we were made for each other. I truly feel if anything ever happened to us it would only be temporary and we will die together. I love him with all of my heart. 
The last requirement is to award 15 recently discovered bloggers and notify them of this award. I don't even read 15 blogs....but here are some I do read (if they ever update them) LOL
Okay that is all I have for now. I will see you all soon (well maybe, y'all know I'm a slacker)
2 fangas!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where y'all been? (AGAIN)????

Hey what's up peeps? Where y'all been? I mean I was looking around and er'thang but noticed y'all was gone....oh wait what? That was me? Oh my bad :O

Well I am back once again. So much to say and so little time. I started this great post about a month ago about Side-Ho's getting back with they dips after Valentine's day but um...its kinda late for that....so it ain't gon' be that funny......so back to the regularly scheduled program (which I know don't be regala at all, but I am working on that).

Many of you have been asking for New Blog posts but then I come here on the page and Y'ALL AINT EVEN FOLLOWIN ME!!!!! So how you gon' know if I post anyway? You don't comment on the blog either. You send me texts and tweets like you tryna be all anonymous. Quit trippin and leave a comment and follow me today. I swea-fo-baby-jesus that imma make you laff at least one half of a half of a time.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

For my Peeps who like to dine out

I am sharing this link with many of you because like my husband and I you LOVE to go out and eat. It is supposed to be a site that gives you 30% off dining at participating restaurants...but I believe you have to pay a small fee when you book. Anyway check it out


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now what da side-ho's gon' do for Valentine's day?

Exactly what your life stands for side-ho's
So February is approaching.....and it has been a long time since I gave you all a post about my worst enemies side-ho's anyway.....so I guess it is about that time....yep I thought about it and I am thinkin it has been a while since we had a side-ho conversation. Shall we begin?

*Note - Remember this post refers to men and women, but I will use the term women for the sake of the post*

I am guessing that some side-ho is at home biting their nails trying to figure out if their married committed man, that is never going to leave his wife/long term girlfriend/baby mama.......is going to swing by and give them one of those baskets you get off the side of the expressway or those half dead roses you get from the dude on Nindy-Fif and Stony (95th and Stony Island is a street in Chicago....nvm). You have been trying to contact him to see what he is going to be on that night, but he seems to be fading for the moment. Do you want to know why? Cuz he tryna break up witchu for Valentine's day!

Yeah I said it. You know that is how they play the game. They make you real made about a month before the next holiday comes up so you can go find some bidness why they preparing that special time for that REAL special someone. They stop answering your calls and ignore your Facebook messages. They don't do the late afternoon rendezvous no' mo. You been tryna figure out exactly why....

Well this is why. He thinks if he makes you mad enough you will distance yourself. That way he don't have to 1) Figure out a way to get away from his wife to spend time with you (probably the day after cuz you gets no respect) and 2) He'on wanna buy you nothin! Nope not nothin. Not even the $15 basket with the dirty teddy bear and Hershey's kisses in it off Nindy Fif and Stony.  He figures if you get mad enough you will go out to some club, put on your freakum dress, and get over him.....well at least for a little while anyway.

Since he knows you are so dumb...I mean really dumb *Antoine Dodson Voice* he knows that next week if he calls you and puts on his sexy voice then you will be right back at him. He knows you will be dumb enough to continue to keep the secret of your non-lationship. He knows you are dumb enough to get played for Valentine's day (and any other day his wife needs his attention) and still come back to continue to be played with like a little toy puppy. Yep that's you in a nutshell.

So what can you do to save yourself? I am glad you asked. Just STOP BEIN NASTY *Mr. Brown Voice* Stop settling for someone else's belongings. You down wit O.P.P.??? Well stop! Get yo own and get a life.

Keepin it real witcha!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dressin up in the Chi

How y'all be doin? I hope you is fine :)

I know you probably wanted a grand end of year or beginning of year post but-er-uh...........I was on vacation....and you know when Black folks go on break.........we BREAK!

So yeah I didn't even turn on the PC and didn't feel like blogging from the phone......but you know I had some stuff that I wanted to share wit y'all....whooooooo chile I was like alla my blog friends would be CRACKIN UP if they saw this mess.........

So I went to see @kevinhart4real on NYE and maaaaaaaaaaaaaan that show was sumn else. Oh 'you gon' learn ta'night!" (had to be there to get the joke, but I swear it was funny as heck). Anyway I am not going to talk about the comedians.....the real comedy was in the fashion that was there. I mean the whole price of the ticket ( I was main floor 6th row BTW) was worth the laughs we got just from looking around at skinny jeans, fishnet stockings and lacefront madness. Chi-town (which is usually know for being dressed alla way up) made us look real, real, real bad that day.

Let me start with the girl in the seat directly in front of me...I guess she musta been runnin late for the show an er'thang cuz she left out about 13 pieces of her 27 piece. I mean the tickets for that show were pretty expensive so you gotta do what you gotta do to get there in time.....but...um....yeah....throw a bad wig on top of it or something. I know the lights was down most of the show, and maybe you thought no one would see, but er'time the lights came on all I got was a glimpse of half of your 15th track and your dandruff filled scalp. Have some respect for...hell anybody.

S/N******* if you happened to be at the 7:30 show in the 5th row with a jacked up weave that day and you are reading this blog.......then naw I ain't taunboutchu. That was somebody else.... *looks around*

Then one of our "popular" radio personalities "Trey the Choklit Jock..... (for lack of a better term...and by better I mean he's really not all that popular...haha naw I'm playin he cool) came out in some..as the comedian called them..."Cocaine White Loafers". I guess Trey didn't get the "white after labor day" memo. I don't really care about the memo either, but I don't go around on nobody stage blindin er'body with my Super White Shoes. I mean they weren't even segzy shoes...they were just....well white *shrugs*.

Now let me get this next one straight before I get a lot of hate mail.........I'm a big girl. Never denied this at all. But there is one thing I will never wear in public as long as my size is 20 something......Fishnet stockings!!!! (especially with a short skirt) Nope, nope, nope, can't do it. This girl was up in there AT LEAST a Women's Size 34 on a good day if she wasn't bloated and held her stomach in. If she bent over I coulda gave her a colonoscopy (sp) right through the stockings and up her.....well you know. I swear she looked like the net the Forest Gump was catching all the shrimp with. Now I don't usually talk about my big girls who are doing they thing. I mean some big girls gets down....but that chick.....mmmm nahhhh....sad part is somebody screwed her that night and told her that ish looked good. SMH

and finally I must say this and I must say it loudly because apparently dudes out there are not understanding. So listen closely........................


I hope they heard me this time because that night, somebody thought they was lookin good comin up in the Chicago theater with skinny jeans on with the waist at they knees....another comedian said it this way and I stand behind this statement........."If you gotta arch your feet to get in your jeans and you're a dude...then you are no longer a dude." You have completely lost your penis card if you point your toes to get them in your jeans. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. And then you got the nerve to sag them???? Aw hell naw. Walkin around looking like that girl who bought her panty hose too small and the crotch part only go right past her knees......GTHOH

Chi-town we are supposed to be known for how bein so fresh and so clean, clean....I bet not EVA go out and see y'all like you were on NYE or imma get my belt.

On the phone with the fashion Poh'lice