Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now what da side-ho's gon' do for Valentine's day?

Exactly what your life stands for side-ho's
So February is approaching.....and it has been a long time since I gave you all a post about my worst enemies side-ho's I guess it is about that time....yep I thought about it and I am thinkin it has been a while since we had a side-ho conversation. Shall we begin?

*Note - Remember this post refers to men and women, but I will use the term women for the sake of the post*

I am guessing that some side-ho is at home biting their nails trying to figure out if their married committed man, that is never going to leave his wife/long term girlfriend/baby going to swing by and give them one of those baskets you get off the side of the expressway or those half dead roses you get from the dude on Nindy-Fif and Stony (95th and Stony Island is a street in Chicago....nvm). You have been trying to contact him to see what he is going to be on that night, but he seems to be fading for the moment. Do you want to know why? Cuz he tryna break up witchu for Valentine's day!

Yeah I said it. You know that is how they play the game. They make you real made about a month before the next holiday comes up so you can go find some bidness why they preparing that special time for that REAL special someone. They stop answering your calls and ignore your Facebook messages. They don't do the late afternoon rendezvous no' mo. You been tryna figure out exactly why....

Well this is why. He thinks if he makes you mad enough you will distance yourself. That way he don't have to 1) Figure out a way to get away from his wife to spend time with you (probably the day after cuz you gets no respect) and 2) He'on wanna buy you nothin! Nope not nothin. Not even the $15 basket with the dirty teddy bear and Hershey's kisses in it off Nindy Fif and Stony.  He figures if you get mad enough you will go out to some club, put on your freakum dress, and get over him.....well at least for a little while anyway.

Since he knows you are so dumb...I mean really dumb *Antoine Dodson Voice* he knows that next week if he calls you and puts on his sexy voice then you will be right back at him. He knows you will be dumb enough to continue to keep the secret of your non-lationship. He knows you are dumb enough to get played for Valentine's day (and any other day his wife needs his attention) and still come back to continue to be played with like a little toy puppy. Yep that's you in a nutshell.

So what can you do to save yourself? I am glad you asked. Just STOP BEIN NASTY *Mr. Brown Voice* Stop settling for someone else's belongings. You down wit O.P.P.??? Well stop! Get yo own and get a life.

Keepin it real witcha!



  1. you know what? Just direct the side hoes to my blog "passions & infidelity" so they can listen to the soundtrack of their "so-called, oops I mean "no-called" relationships

  2. LOL you should have posted the I gotta go find it. And you know you don' bought some socks off Nindy-fif before

  3. Wow...right. This is the truth sis!!! LMBO.