Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where y'all been? (AGAIN)????

Hey what's up peeps? Where y'all been? I mean I was looking around and er'thang but noticed y'all was gone....oh wait what? That was me? Oh my bad :O

Well I am back once again. So much to say and so little time. I started this great post about a month ago about Side-Ho's getting back with they dips after Valentine's day but um...its kinda late for it ain't gon' be that back to the regularly scheduled program (which I know don't be regala at all, but I am working on that).

Many of you have been asking for New Blog posts but then I come here on the page and Y'ALL AINT EVEN FOLLOWIN ME!!!!! So how you gon' know if I post anyway? You don't comment on the blog either. You send me texts and tweets like you tryna be all anonymous. Quit trippin and leave a comment and follow me today. I swea-fo-baby-jesus that imma make you laff at least one half of a half of a time.




  1. Sis you are off the chain!!! I am following and I still want updates...regardless!! =0)

  2. I did not know you had a blog...and you are a mess Sis!!You know I mean that in a good way. :-) I found out through Queenrella and by the way you've got an award at her blog so go check it out pronto! lol Looking forward to more updates here.

  3. LOL thanks girl and thannnnnkkkkk yooouuuuuuuu Rella for giving me an award. *gets my long speech together* I just passed the award along. And because you are so faithful I will be SURE to update more now. I have soooooo much to talk about.