Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

I have been awarded with the stylish blogger award.  I had no idea what this was, and I feel so bad since I haven't been blogging and everyone has been asking me where I have been (even though I don't see summa y'all following O__o ) I'm still winning....DUH.

So I have to thank my girl Queen Rella for giving me the award. She is such a faithful sister and I <3 her :)
OK, the rules are to thank and link back to the one who has given this award. Check.√
Second list 7 things about yourself. This should be interesting.  So here it goes:
1.)  I am a member of nearly 25 social networking sites, which is why I have been so lazy about blogging. It may be more, those are just the ones I can count off the top of my head. 
2.)  I just had gastric bypass surgery. I contemplated over it for 2 years and finally did it. I am tired of struggling with my weight and I have been so successful so far. It has been 2 and a half weeks, and I am down 40 pounds from my highest weight. 
3.) I am addicted to shoes, but since gaining all of this weight I can't walk in 70% of the shoes I have.......and I have a LOT of shoes. So I gotta get that together. Oh and you can never have too many shoes. If you think so, you're wrong.
4.) I love to crochet, but I have decided to keep my business at accessories for now. Other items take too long and I sell more earrings that anything. I am still getting my website together but you can visit it HERE if you want to see some of the things I have been working on.
5.) I love music. I can sing, dance and act. One of my dreams is to be on Broadway, I just never thought I could sing THAT well. I mean you know the difference.....you got people who can "sing" then you got people who can "SANG". I am still singing. 
6.) I am allergic to cats, but I can tolerate people who keep their cats and houses with cats clean. Like I have one friend I can barely tell her cat is there. There is this other girl I can barely pull up on her block before my eyes start itching. I hate nasty cat people. 
7.) My husband is truly my soul mate. He is the love of my life. We have been through so many ups and downs (and I mean many) but we truly love each other. It is so hard these days to find that special one but I know we were made for each other. I truly feel if anything ever happened to us it would only be temporary and we will die together. I love him with all of my heart. 
The last requirement is to award 15 recently discovered bloggers and notify them of this award. I don't even read 15 blogs....but here are some I do read (if they ever update them) LOL
Okay that is all I have for now. I will see you all soon (well maybe, y'all know I'm a slacker)
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  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. YES~!! I love you right back sis~!! I am happy to hear the success report on your surgery. I know that your decision that you made is best for you. I appreciate your open honesty and bravery to do what you had to do!

    Your shoe addiction sounds like my purse fetish~! I completely understand about the shoes. Because when I was sixty pounds lighter I would rock some serious sexy shoes. lol Even though my feet is wide regardless. I know your talking about them high heels you love~!!

    Thanks so much for taking the award and sharing. I agree GOOD husbands are such a blessing~!! I feel as if mine is my soul mate as well. Enjoy him sis for years to come~!! I loved this blog~!! =0)

  3. well put ya big bro on blast why dont you LOLOL!!!!!

    i guess I need to get back to bloggin, i aint been on since jan. 2011 BWAAAAH