Monday, January 14, 2013

Do Roses really smell like boo boo???

So I am cracking up because I am walking into the bathroom at work and the lady walking out gives me the disclaimer "Look, I did not blow up this bathroom. It was like that when I came in here! That is ridiculous" I SCREAMED in laughter because she sounded like she was about to break out into "Ain't Nobody got time for that!"

But I feel her pain. I can't stand when I am exiting the bathroom and someone walks in frowned up at the smell of the person that took a dump and left out 60 seconds before I just walked in. then they are looking at me like I did it......What do you say? Do you say anything at all?

Sometimes I am tempted to spray some air freshener but that just makes it smell like Flowery boo boo to me. I know I am not the only one that thinks that. I have been tainted by so many air freshener scents now because I think of boo boo EVERY time I smell them. There is nothing like smelling Hawaiian Escape mixed with human waste and then thinking of that every time you now smell Hawaiian Escape. This has almost messed up my dreams of going to Hawaii some day. Is that what my Escape gon' smell like? If so maybe I'll pass.....naw I am lyin...I'm takin my butt to Hawaii as soon as I can afford it LOL.

So should we impose a rule or something? You know how they post those signs in the stalls saying "Don't flush feminine products or paper towels." Should we put up some signs that say "Please do a courtesy flush or two if you sit and boo boo?" Or maybe "If you drop a log after you pee spray a fresh scent of air freshener for me!"

Do y'all think that will work? I should go print some out now and post them in the stalls. I will let you know how that works out.

Will report back soon!



  1. HOLLERIN!!! This is so true! Good luck with the print outs.

  2. LOL the print outs haven't been working out too well....Maybe it is something I said????