Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meeting my internet friends

You know God is so good. In the next week I would have met 2 of my closest Online friends for the first time. These 2 women have been some of my biggest inspirations to lose weight. Next week I will get to meet my "sister", which I promise to blog about then. Today I got to meet a woman who was my first inspiration to lose my 100 pounds. She her incredible transformation HERE.

So after knowing this lady since 2007 she sends me a message and says "Hey I just noticed you live in Chicago and we are coming to see Tyler Perry." I said ok but thought nothing of it at first. Then last week she says "Where are the good soul food places in Chicago?" Didn't think anything of it. Threw off some names and left it at that.

So today I am at work and I get a text. "Hey I am in Aurora. Where are some good soul food places?" I was so shocked that she was really here. My inspriation, I could even say my shero at some point. I told her where to go, she loved the food, and we set a time to meet.

I found out later that her hotel was minutes from my job (I was at work at the time) and they (her and bf)were going down the street to eat at the mall. Tell me this wasn't God bringing us together (I know you can't so stop trying).

I met them at Rock Bottom Restaurant in York Town Center and we had the greatest time. It was so good to see her in person. I thought she was so beautiful and think that she looks great at her size (we always see stuff differently from the outside though, I know the feeling).

We talked for what seemed like hours and I swear I could have kept it going. It seemed like we have known each other for years, actually we have LOL. I can't wait to continue our journey together. It is just so funny that the 2 people that have inspired me the most (2 ladies that I met on a social site on the internet over 2 years ago) I get to meet them both in the same week. I am so excited! We are going to plan a "Big Reveal Cruise" for next year where we show off our new bodies after we reach our goals. I cannot wait.
First time meeting, last time we will be this size!

Love ya,


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  1. It was good meeting you! I can't wait until next time!!