Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear corporate heathens who have me working Easter Sunday....

Y N D H3LL do I have to work on Easter Sunday? What type of hell bound, lucifer worshiping heathens make you work on Resurrection day? I CANNOT DO THIS....Okay maybe I can because I have no choice...but this is my blog so I do have a few choice words for our Execs (who will likely never read this).

1. I bet you gotcho (yes gotcho) kids some new easter clothes and took them to take pics with the Easter bunny and err'thang. Why you gotta make me sit here all day doin nothin? Me and my kids actually was goin go to church, when the last time you been?

2. How you goin be a company that celebrates Christmas but not Easter? Don't y'all know that without the death we have no life? Or are y'all just some heathens who use Christmas to spend yo big corporate bonuses and buy yo kids a buncha stuff they'on need?

3. How am I goin get to Big Momma's house for dinner if I gotta work a 10 hour shift? Now y'all know Big Momma don't save no plates for nobody who can't even bother to show up.

4. Who goin sit at home helping the kids color eggs with the kitchen all stankin with vinegar and boiled eggs? I can't do that if I'm at work can I?

5. Who goin be at church to hear the kid's Easter Speeches? Now even you heathens know that err'body and they mama come to church on Easter Sunday. Even the kids that ain't been there since last Easter have to say their Easter speeches for they momma, god momma, daddy, play uncle and auntie who don't neva go to church. The only time they hear God's name is in the Easter speeches so who you goin keep them from getting sanctified by making folks work?

I just thought that I should share this letter with you to express my concerns and to hopefully change your heart so that you can give us Easter Sunday off from now on. You have ruined my family corporate heathens and I just don't know what do to.


Me and 'nem

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