Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Journey to da East Coast!

Okay so I had an absolutely amazing time. I finally got to meet my Sister  from south Jersey in person. She is so beautiful, I HEART her much. She is just like a big sister to me, so it was so fun spending her birthday with her.

Day 1 - I got there on Thursday 4/15 and we did some talking, shopping etc. That night she made me my first second and third apple martini. I loved it! We were able to bond. We cried together, laughed together, played with the dog EVERYTHING. It was so nice to finally be able to chill with my "sister". We have been Internet siblings for over 2 years.

Day 2 - Got up early and did a little traveling. We went to Delaware to get some Jerk Chicken (which ended up being spicy baked chicken but it was okay). When we got back from DE her blood sister and cousin were there. She was a little upset that they hadn't come earlier but when they got there her face lit up. She was so excited to see them.

We all went for mani's and pedi's. I didn't end up getting one because 1. Who only has 2 people working in a nail shop on Friday when EVERYBODY and their mama is getting their hands and feet done. 2. The other girls had too many complaints of them messing up or something and I wasn't about to have that. So I just waited around and took some pics.

We left there and went to go pick up more apple martini mix. We went home and had pizza and drinks. We played games and took pics. My sister even had me showing her how to "Chicago Step". She didn't want to do the basics she wanted to get down to the nitty gritty LOL....baby steps sis, baby steps.

Day 3 - We all get up early to go to the Philly Outlets and what do you know.....There is no water. My sister was extremely upset. She called the office who stated that they notified everyone (I guess all but us because we are all sitting there needing showers and ready to go). We ended up kicking it for a minute, taking naps and when we got up we had water. Everyone showered and off we drive to Philly.

Unfortunately the drive was not that easy. We ended up getting lost in Philly. My sister has no sense of direction and to top that off she gets impatient and frustrated once she is lost. I tried to lead her back to the highway but the more I talked the more she was pissed....so I shut up and let her call her husband in Amsterdam for directions.

Finally we make it back to the highway and when it looks like things are good we run into Traffic. This traffic wasn't even slow either. We were at a complete stand still. I just knew the day was over when I saw that vein rising in my sister's neck LOL.

After about an hour of traffic (and almost getting lost again) we finally made it to the outlets. Had some fun shopping even though my sister didn't find a black bag like she wanted.

Later that night we went to The Cheesecake Factory and had dinner. I love that restaurant so I truly enjoyed that. Got back to the house and we were all too tired to do anything else so we went to bed.

Day 4 - Last day in South Jersey. I got up and made pancakes for everyone. We all enjoyed breakfast and watching the RuPaul Drag Race marathon (no comment). Sister and Cuz left back to CT (and my sis cried) and I began packing. It was hard because I was trying to fit all of my clothes PLUS some of the 2 boxes that my sister had for me into my suitcase. It didn't work, LOL

Finally we decide to leave early to head for the airport because my sis doesn't want to get lost again. We got there in record time so I was super early. It was a decent departure but my sister did say that she cried after I left. I miss her and can't wait to do it again.
See you on FB, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and everywhere else sis LOL

Until next time,



  1. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! And THAT ladies & gentlemen is EXACTLY what happened. LMAO!!!!!
    I love you chawl. *hugs* Can't wait for us to get together again.