Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh like you could live without some greens and Co'n bread O_o

Well day 3 and I was doing great. I mean really great. Not that I won't continue to be awesome after today.....anyway let me explain my madness.

So I leave for a long and boring meeting at work only to come back to my IM window being open. At first I was pissed thinking to myself "Do these people not see that I am in a meeting?" Then I realized that it was one of my buddies at work (there are very few)so instead of me being completely disgusted that someone would have the audacity to disturb my computer's idle time, I read the IM.

It said this:

Buddy at work: I am going to pick up some "name and website of tastiest soul food restaurant on this side of town" what do y'all want?

Other buddy at work (remember there are only like 3): Wow that menu looks so good. Get me some fried chicken, maccaroni and cheese, greens, and some banana pudding.

Buddy at work: Cool I will call and put in the order in a few.

Message has sat idle for over 30 minutes since I was in a meeting

Me: awww man why y'all gotta order "name of tastiest soul food restaurant on this side of town" now??? Y'all know I am on a strict meal plan.........

Well I wouldn't be typing this if I didn't have some. It was good, but now I gotta get on track. I promise this is the last time (ok maybe not the last but I am focused on not being a fat @$$ anymore so it will be a very VERY limited amount of times).

It was good while it lasted...You know.... kinda like a dude/girl that you meet who is really good in bed but you know you have no future with......don't act like y'all don't know what I mean. O__o Oh well, now I gotta move on.



  1. trying to stay on a diet is NEVER easy, and this happens to all of us (me & my wife included)...just remember when you fall,just forgive yourself and get back up

  2. @TatooTuesday LOL u haven't done anything.

    @Brent...I just had to have me some greens and Co'n bread...I think I got it outta my system. Gonna jog it off for a little while.

  3. Just know that in life everyone has a fall or two. The key is to get back up and keep pressing toward your goal. You mentioned the good sex guy/girl,if we know that they are bad for us and will lead us away from our goals and from what God intends for us to have and be, we should not even do it/them. we should not focus on the good part of them, but why we should not be distracted from our goal

    The same way the guy/girl is bad for us and we should not deal even though it feels good, sticking to your diet is the same concept as you have pointed out. Don't focus on the goodness that you may be missing out on, but the goal that you have and how not to ebb that goal for a few moments of pleasure and a lifetime of guilt and potentially hard work to un-do what was done.

    I love you and Pray that just as in our marriage you have continued to press through, do so with your diet and reach that goal.

  4. Thank you baby. You are truly an inspiration for me.