Monday, March 29, 2010

Okay, For Real, I'm Losing it - Week 1 Day 1: Medifast

So today I start the medifast plan. I needed something that was a little more restrictive than the plans that I have been doing so I found this. I wanted something that I didn't have to cook so much. Like I said before I am lazy so I needed this.

I opened everything up this morning and although I got off to a late start things are getting back on track. Tried the french vanilla shake as my first meal and I have to say......I kinda didn't like it, but I grinned and bore it.

Had the chocolate mint bars and they were also just ok. The soup......well to make it plain this ain't no gourmet food. Hell I barely made it until I got to eat my romaine salad with my turkey cutlet. I was about to give up on day one!

But I know that is not an option. Everyone told me that the food isn't the greatest but it will do (and at least I still can have my lean green meal).

So I have got to stick to this thing. 325 pounds....I am saying goodbye to this weight right now. I just know next order I will choose which foods I want. I need to order the things that I know I will eat.

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