Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WRAP IT UP! and Don't sit on the back of the Bus.

So today is World AIDS day as well as the anniversary of Rosa Parks cussin dude out 'bout her seat. I can see her now O__o at him like "look I been workin all day and my feets hurt. You best ta gone on somewhere else wit dat mess. You saddown in the back, I ain't gettin up!" Oh the thought makes me proud.....Where was I? Oh yeah today we need to teach our kids some history so they know the things that have been done to pave the way for them, as well as protect them from nonsense. Our youth need to know how to protect themselves from AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. I am doing this post all in one since these 2 events are falling on the same day. If you'on like it....HOLLA!

1. Wrap it up! It is simple, to the point, and necessary. Stop goin in on these chicks cause they "fine"....ain't nuttin fine about terminal illness. Let's see how them apple bottoms look at the funegra...yeah that wasn't a good visual was it? If you'on want to see it for real then protect yourself.

2. Don't sit on the back of the bus.....Yes Rosa Parks was teaching us a lesson waaaaaaaay back then and she didn't even know it. Do you know what kinda stuff be happening on the back of the bus? Ughn I don't even want to tell you how nasty they is back there. Rosa didn't even want to go back there and see that mess....not because her feet hurt...but because she knew they was back there on some nasty stuff....mmmhmmm my grand daddy told me that. What? You'on believe him??? You're wrong :P

3. Don't trust them cuz they say they love you. If they really love you, they will get tested. Both of y'all can hold hands on the way down to the clintic and smile as the nurse gives you some of those free cheap condoms yes even the minty flavored ones that are supposed to be for.......WAIT I am getting off track. Moral of the story....GET TESTED!

4. SERIOUSLY....I don't want to make this long so I will leave you with this. No, HIV is no longer an immediate death sentence, but it doesn't mean it is fun or easy to live with. Protect yourself and your partner. Be safe and smart.



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