Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it snow????? WTH?!?!?!?!?!

I can't stand NOBODY who sings that song (well Boys II Men's version is hot but not that other one).....ANYWAY....I can't stand when it snows and anyone who is dreaming of a white Christmas needs to quit smokin that crack. (CRACK IS WHACK!!!)

Winter in Chicago is like eating fried Oreos or drinking a diet coke  with a Big Mac with large fries and extra is TOTALLY out of hand! I am so mad cuz I woke up this morning with my vehicle covered and I had no idea it was even gonna snow.You never know what to expect in this city. One December I remember it was about 20 degrees about 5 am.....about noon it was 65.........then about 4 hours later is was 32 and snowing.........Chicago winters are just out of control.

(I really need this sweatshirt in my life. You think the snow is listening?)

If I hear one more person saying "Yea its snowing" I will poke my eyes out with a snow shovel. The only people screaming this nonsense are obviously people who can't drive. As if road rage around this city is not enough you want to add snow to the equation? The next person I hear singing "Let is Snow", if yo name ain't Shawn, Wanya, or Nate then YA MAMMA!

Angry and covered in snow,


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