Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lady T had a "grandma asthma attack"?!?!?! We will miss you Teena Marie

I am in no way joking about Teena Marie. She was truly a legend and I will miss her music. I love that joint she got with Faith Evans and her talent was just awesome. But the way I found out about Lady T's death deserves a blog post. You had to be there, but reading it here it will be just as funny.


AGAIN I am in no way poking fun at Teena Marie. Just the country 'bamas in my family. So don't be emailing me yo dirty comments about how I am respecting a legend or whatever.

Okay here is the story........................

So there we are sitting at the table with the fam just chilling after the holiday. One of my relatives walks in the door damn near in tears. We all look around like 'what happened"? And here is what was said:

"Girllllll did you hear what happened to Teena Marie? We just heard on the radio that she died. 

**all gasp** 

" girlfriend just called me and said she had a "grandma asthma attack". 

*everyone looks around confused*

"I don't even know what that is. I guess its something old people have."

*everyone still looking around confused*

Conversation goes on for a few minutes.........

"You know what? It wasn't a Grandma Asthma Attack.....It was a Grandma Seizure!!!!"

*confused look around the room again*

Someone replies "Ohhhhh, a Grand Mal Seizure???"

"Yeah that's it!"


Okay, yes my family is country....and no there were no confirmed stories at the time of Teena Marie's death or cause of it....but a "Grandma Asthma Attack/Grandma Seizure"????? iDied like 4 times but came back because my life insurance policy had lapsed ***Note to self: pay insurance***

Not a "Grandma Seizure" doe???? For real??? Is that what had happened???

I knew my family was country as hell but that one took ALL the cake. I still love the person who said this....but you is soooo KUNTRAY!!!! I swear I was about to write down "Grandma Asthma Attack" so I could do a #twitterpoll or Google search on it later. I just knew my friends on Twitter would be able to let me know what it was. But when they said "Grandma Seizure" that was it..I was too th'u.

Make fun of my gramma all you want to.....but this one tops anything I have eva, Eva, EVA EVA EVA said on here.*Chris Tucker voice*

Still CTHU,



  1. I already knew what u was talkin bout and I'm at work laughing..

  2. HAHAHAHA chile I am still cracking up after this one.

  3. Granma Asthma Attack? Or Granma Seizure?!!?

    Ok.... I just Gave up The Ghost....(biblical terminology for DEAD!!!!)


  4. Oh bro, the funny thing is I didn't even type it like she said it. It was actually "GranMaw Seejah"

  5. GranMaw Seejah?!???!?!?

    ok that made it worse

    #Homicide #GaveTheGhostBackUp