Sunday, December 26, 2010

Soul Food....Good for the soul??????

So many of you know that my immediate family doesn't really celebrate the holidays like most of America does. We still however do go and visit family and have dinner and things like that. I just read my brother from another mother and twice removed six times post about how he LOATHES summa the nasty stuff we graciously call soul food or as my Father-in-Law calls it "Church Food".

It is so funny how people be ready to take away your "being black card" (BBC) if you don't eat that mess. I remember when one of my brothers told someone he didn't eat chicken, ESPECIALLY fried chicken, and they nearly passed out from shock. They was like "whuuuuuttttt????? you'on eat chicken? I knew you light skinnd'ed people was suspect." He also doesn't eat macaroni, skrimps, chit'lins, and some other stuff that is supposed to qualify us for the BBC. I don't find anything wrong with it, but I think his BBC has been confiscated indefinitely.

I don't eat turkey, ham, chitlins, neck bones, and a host of other "black foods" that would make me ineligible for the BBC too. Guess what????? I'on e'en care. I don't qualify for most credit cards on the market either so I don't feel left out. If eatin a chit'lin will get me in the VIP section of the club, just call me a lame. Cuz I ain't goin.

I be eatin sushi, wine and cheese and other exotic foods that other foods that some ghetto folks probably would never see or even try....well unless some rapper raps about it. Then everybody be hollin "ooo I like moscato" when they ain't neva had wine in they life unless you count arbor mist.

Anyway...this is my confession....My name is LuvMeNaturally and I ain't got no BBC card. *whips hair and walks off*



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  1. Dead! Dead and Dead!

    Church food?!?!! Bein Black Card?!?!

    Lil sis, you are straight ig'nant *still LMBO*

    But let me get serious (at least 4 a minute *sets stopwatch*) I guess I either never had a "BBC" or it was revoked as a youth. For starters my name is Brent...('nuff said) second as I put on my blog, I just couldn't get with the whole soul food concept, Turkey be all dry, dressing leave a aftertaste, & I just don't like cone'bread #dontAskWhy. Nevertheless I guess I'm lame, or I'm not black "enough" but whatever

    MC Lyte voice "I put feelings aside, I know who I am" ....and thats my $.02