Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So black folks need to "Get back on the boat"?!?!?!?!?!

Okay so first of all let me say that I don't like racism. I mean there are so many other things we can dislike such as women who shave half of their head and wear the other side long, or people who wear Ugg's in the Summer, but people are still disliking people because of their race??? SMH
So here is how it all started..(disclaimer...I don't condone either side of this behavior.....)

This was someone's FB status (a white guy)

"just found out my neighbors don't like white people, I said hello to the wife and she turned and walked away, the husband comes over and says not to talk to his wife, I said I was just being neighborly and he told me they don't like white people and they don't talk to white people."

Now I don't have all year to go through all of the comments, I will just post the most interesting ones O__o

Sounds like they are neighboro PROFILING!call Al Sharpton! 

Que???? I won’t even begin going in on the spelling errors….but what’s up with the “Al Sharpton” comment? Were they trying to be funny? If so they failed miserably. Now I am a deep thinker, so what I was thinking from this comment is that they think the black folks always running to Al Sharpton when someone is treating us unfairly. It ain’t our fault that er’time Al get up out the beauty salon chair getting his DO whipped that he seems to find some other so called Civil Rights movement…chile go somewhere and SADDOWN with a dictionary and look up the spelling of neighbor please?!?!?!?!?!?

Next on the comment list......

“Go ask if u can borrow some sugar to make some kool aid!”

This fool might as well done said “Go get you a jheri curl and some fried chicken and watermelon." How stereotypical was this kool aid comment??? I mean really I’m black and I’on e’en drink kool aid (okay maybe sometimes but I prefer a cold pepsi). I wish one of my fool white friends would come to my doe tryna be funny taumbout “can I get some sugar to make me some kool aid my nigga?” Martin Luther The Kang would roll over in his grave as I re-enact the Selma to Montgomery march by marching my foot right up his……

I digress……

Okay here is the one comment I got up and did the Holy Ghost Dip to…

“Beats being called a dumb black nigger behind your back.....”

After I finished Holy Ghost dipping, I lay there and tarried in the presence of EXCELLENCE. This comment gave me the oxygen I needed for the day. I didn’t even need to breathe no mo'. Whatchu know about that?!? When you see me in the street remember you’on know me! Run and tell that home boy! Nuff Said! MESSAGE!

Now this last comment shut the house DOWN. I think Martin Luther The KANG turned over in his grave and Rosa Parks left the Cemetery just to go back to get on the BACK of the bus with no air conditioning and she couldn't even get a Super Transfer. I don’t e’en think she wants to sit in the front NO’MO……

“Tell him to go get back on his boat. No one asked him to be your neighbor anyway!”

I had to do my Pinky Tantrum for about 20 minutes after reading this. SAY IT AGAIN!!!! For real dawg? Get back on his boat???? What if he has a yacht? I am sure you are not talking about that boat are you???? So let me just be the thinker that I am again. I assume that you are talking about that big luxury Carnival Cruise that picked up all those anxious African Travelers over 400 years ago…Is that the “his boat” you are referring to? 

Newsflash most intelligent one…..Ain’t nobody ask to be on that boat in the first place! You ackin (yes ackin) like he got put off the boat and put in the corner for a time out or something. What is really going on? Did you really think IF dude would really go back and say “hey get back on your boat” that the black dude was gone be like “well you know what, I think I kind miss getting my @$$ whooped daily and serving some no good massa. I think you’re right let me go get back on MY boat.” HELL TO THE NAW he wasn’t gone say that. Your friend probably woulda got one of them 400 year ago, on the boat, @$$ whoopins himself! Watch yo mouth or you could be next. 

ANYWAY…Do y’all think I am overreacting?
Very angrily,

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