Friday, June 11, 2010

I ain't seent'chu since I seent'chu.....

Um....hey y'all. Ha yu doooo'n *Wendy Williams voice*

So what had happened was (y'all know that's how the bull starts right?)...

Okay so I will cut the bull and just keep it real. Man this past couple of months have been something else. I decided to get my "hard" classes out of the way early so I took my last (hopefully) English course. All of you read my blog so you know I isn't a good writer. I doesn't write good at all. What is this write thing that you speak of?

Well this is the last week of my writing course. I think it is safe to say that I will end this course with an A+. I still have 100% (A+) as of today. The only thing pending is a few review grades and my final research paper grade. So now I am back with all of the foolishness. The foolery continues ret nah!

I know I can be boring but I am still figuring out how to keep you all slightly entertained with this blog thing so DON'T LEAVE ME Y'ALL! I will sing "I need you now" in my best Smokie Norful voice...No???? Not working???? Okay I'll stop.

I's back and I's been given ma free! I will be even better once I get this English grade. Stay in touch and invite a friend over. Even if I am not home they can help themselves to the cookies and ish...him not down stahs....

See you when I see you (it won't be long this time). Y'all come back nah....ya hear?


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